Coco Fit


Long long ago lived a mighty king, named “COCO”, who never stepped back to help and keep people happy. One day a sage visited the kingdom and got delighted with the hospitality of the king. Overjoyed sage blessed the king with a wish, to which the king asked for being able to serve the people even after-life by staying at God’s Feet! After the king passed away, he was cremated and from there arose a TREE; growing so tall that it touched the sky and bore a big nut. Everyone called it COCOnut, waiting for it to rise and reach the ground. One fine morning the coconut fell off and everyone believed the consumption of its water would bring healthy life and if used as an offering to God would bestow fortune! In honor of the COCO King and his humble motto of helping people, we are a family following him to uphold his vision of serving everyone on the globe. Come and experience the best of COCONUT Offerings.

Franchise Buisness Model:

Area Required

250 to 1200  sq.ft

Franchise Fee

5 Lacs

Total Investment

9 to 11 Lacs

Opportunities Available

Coco Fit Franchise opportunities are available throughout India.