Over the years, tea has changed from being a traditional beverage consumed mainly across India, to a youthful and trendy beverage with a national presence, consumed in several forms and retail formats. Lately, the trend of tea lounges is fast catching up that offer innovative tea flavors in state-of-the-art ambience. Along with tea, these tea lounges also offer an assortment of healthy snacks and innovative food items to the visitors. In India, tea has very strong associations with 'Pass time beverage'. Interestingly, it also has special/high status perceptions. In India, nearly 90% households are tea drinkers, however coffee rules the streets.

Franchise Buisness Model:

Area Required

500 to 700 sq.ft

Franchise Fee

5 Lacs

Total Investment

10 Lacs to 15 Lacs

Opportunities Available

Panchaiyat Franchise opportunities are available throughout India.