Pizza is and will remain one of the most popular categories for online delivery, we have kept some of the classics pizzas and combined it with some of the best fusion pizzas available to the mankind. Pizzalogy stands strong in midst of all the brands with the core value of giving value for money. Pizzas, Fries, Shakes, & Pastas will force our customers to order from us all the times. With the changing tastes, aspirations of the way people do business is changing, why food they eat or the way they eat should be same. We have started developing and researching on a business model where we can go a step ahead and design a better way to do business.

Franchise Buisness Model:

Area Required

300 sq.ft

Franchise Fee

1 Lacs

Total Investment

5 Lacs

Opportunities Available

Pizzalogy Franchise opportunities are available throughout India.