Urban Khichdi


Urban Khichdi serve high quality, Great tasting and wholesome nutritious vegetarian food to all age groups. Usps: Healthy Food Pocket Friendly Balanced Diet Suits all age group Fine Dine experience  Support: Site Selection Recruitment Training Book keeping Audits Marketing Plans

Franchise Buisness Model:

Area Required

OTC (Over the Counter) Model: 250 to 300 sq ft Fine Dine Restaurant Model: 600 to 800 sq ft

Franchise Fee

OTC (Over the Counter) Model: 7 Lacs Fine Dine Restaurant Model: 7 Lacs

Total Investment

OTC (Over the Counter) Model: 23 to 25 Lacs Fine Dine Restaurant Model: 30 to 35 Lacs

Opportunities Available

Urban Khichdi franchise opportunities are available throughout Gujarat.