Papa Island


Papa Island is a strong team of workers and suppliers who work in unison to bring you a culinary experience par extraordinaire. From handpicking the freshest ingredients to plumbing the soul of cuisine, there's a passion to serve rare flavors’ you will cherish. Papa Island has a mission to create bond between individuals and to make each guest feel special through our cuisine that is authentic, inventive and evocative. Papa Island is an Italian, American and Chinese food cuisine. Our objective is providing a unique experience to the customer through menu/product, services and ambience and always tried to become first option for the person whose tummy asks for something. Our food is adorable and appealing to every age group in the India as well as in other country.

Franchise Buisness Model:

Area Required

600 to 800  sq.ft

Franchise Fee

3 Lacs

Total Investment

9 to 14 Lacs

Opportunities Available

Papa Island Franchise opportunities are available throughout India.