Virohan is a funded training partner of NSDC, a member of UNICEF YuWaah cohort, and a Yunus Social Business Investee. We work with organisations such as GE Healthcare and Indian Medical Association for our courses. The healthcare industry is the fifth largest employer in India. Virohan has several paramedical and allied healthcare courses which not only lead to a job in the healthcare sector but also ensures a positive growth into a long term career. Virohan has a placement network of over 500 hospitals and diagnostic centres. Every course at Virohan comes with a mandatory internship for students to get hands-on experience of the work they will be doing after their course. Virohan has engineered the method of blended learning, which engages students with video-based teaching, gamified activities and quizzes. This makes learning fun, engaging and helps students remember the lessons better.

Franchise Buisness Model:

Area Required

1800 to 2000  sq.ft

Franchise Fee

12 Lacs

Total Investment

20 Lacs

Opportunities Available

Virohan franchise opportunities are available throughout India.