SIESTO is a leading provider of smart home solutions committed to creating healthy and happy households in India. We realize the importance of installing good quality ventilation systems in modern-day homes and offices as almost 90 percent of our time is spent indoors. Siesto brings you energy efficient and aesthetically designed solutions to make urban living better and healthier. We have managed to strike a perfect balance between stylish living and a green environment. An ISO certified company, SIESTO has a state-of-the-art plant in Raipur and has two beautiful design studios that showcase its entire range of products.

Franchise Buisness Model:

Area Required

Manufacturing Model: 15,000 sq ft Master Franchise Model: 2,000 sq ft Unit Franchise Model: 50 sq ft

Franchise Fee

Manufacturing Model: 10 Lacs Master Franchise Model: 5 Lacs Unit Franchise Model: 1 Lacs

Total Investment

Manufacturing Model: 1.7 Carore Master Franchise Model: 40 Lacs Unit Franchise Model: 3.3 Lacs

Opportunities Available

Siesto Franchise opportunities are available throughout India.