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Make a career change with a Hotel Franchise

Make a career change with a Hotel Franchise

As part of a hotel franchise, you’ll be able to take delight in all the rewards of this sector while avoiding many of the costs of starting your own independent hotel. The present blog sheds light on everything you need to make a career change with a hotel franchise. The benefits of operating your own hotel franchise are well-documented: you’ll be working in an occupied and around the clock industry, you’ll be your own boss and certainly at the heart of a profitable industry.

No doubt that hotels and the hospitality industry in general has had hard time owing to pandemic, but with international travel impossible for many the moment, hotels have been reaping all the rewards of the staycation boom. With staycation bookings elevating to 300% in some cases, hotels are making a startling post-Covid comeback.

Why make a career change with a hotel franchise?

 With staycations booming and hotels looking to compensate for lost time, there’s never been a better time to make a career change with a hotel franchise. Regardless of whether you’re looking to open a lively beachside chain or a remote countryside getaway, there are a few skills you’ll need to ensure that you have in abundance.

  • Organization: Hotels are fast-moving and have busy environments, so you’ll should be able to keep a cool head and prioritizing the tasks at hand.
  • Leadership: You’ll have a number of different employees keeping your hotel going, so being able to keep them organized and motivated is inevitable.
  • Ambition: Being able to keep your eye on the ultimate prize will let you push through because industry is quite demanding.
  • Empathy: The present one being a customer-facing industry, you’ll need to put your customers first.

If you excel at the above skills, you may be the ideal franchise partner for a travel and leisure franchise. So, how exactly do you make a career change with a hotel franchise?

How to make a career change with a hotel franchise

If you’re all set to make your dream opportunity a reality, here’s what you need to do to make a career change.

  1. Specialize

If you’ve decided to kickstart a business as part of a hotel franchise, your first task will be to decide the franchise that you want to work with. There are dozens of reputed and profitable hotel franchises in existence. In fact, according to the survey, by 2019, around 90% of all hotels were franchised operations [JLL].

  • This means that you also need to narrow down your options that while you’re spoilt for choice. Consider asking yourself the following questions:
  • At what location do you want to open your hotel? Is it rural or urban-based? Is your desired franchise looking for franchise partners in those areas?
  • How many number of hotels do you want to operate? Will you prefer to be a single-unit or multi-unit franchisee? Does your preferred franchise expect you to run one or multiple hotels?
  • Will you prefer to work with budget or luxury hotels? Do you have a preferred price point?
  • What do some franchises do better than others? Are there selling points that are unique in nature? What are some future trends to consider?

Once you’ve asked yourself these and other questions, you will have quite a good idea for what kind of business you want to operate. By specializing your ideas for a hotel business, you’ll be able to make the most out of your passion.

  1. Advertise

As this is such a challenging industry to get started in, being able to pinpoint and accurately market to the right demographics can really be a difficult challenge. Thankfully, your franchisor will almost surely be on hand to help you do exactly that.

Marketing has come a long way in a short span of time, and the appropriate way to engage your ideal demographics will have likely altered as well. For that reason, you will need ensure that you’re working closely with your franchisor to put together the right strategy for you.

As a franchise partner, you’ll be able to benefit fully from all the industry-leading guidance and advice from your franchisor. Whether you need support on marketing, recruiting, branding or identifying the right location, you should ensure that you’re keen and eager to take on as much support as you can to make your business a success.

  1. Produce a business plan

Your business plan will change based on the input of several different stakeholders. However, your final business plan will be the correct and thought-out document, outlining a lot of key information. While all business plans will need to change over time, you should focus on trying and sticking to the key commitments that you’ve highlighted in your business plan. This will see you well on-course to deliver the profits both you and your franchisor are looking for.

Although, you should remember that a business plan is an important document and isn’t something you can ignore. Failing to follow a rough business plan could bring you into conflict with your franchisor, so ensure that you’re fully committed to delivering the business in your plan.

  1. Make a life-changing career choice with a hotel franchise

The hospitality industry draws numerous new workers every year, each looking to take advantage of the rich profits that hospitality brings. When you join a big franchise, you’ll be in a fantastic position to earn a generous slice of those profits, while having a huge amount of job satisfaction to go with it.

If the hotel industry is not the right match for you, there are plenty of other exciting franchising opportunities elsewhere. You may want to learn more about how travel planners are planning a post-covid comeback, or, maybe even how to become a travel agent yourself. In any case, you can have a wide range of franchising opportunities that are sure to fit your needs on the Franchise Insider website.

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