Twisting Scoops


“Ice Cream that’s a Stretch.. Turkish Ice Cream was first made in the early 1600’s in the region of Kahramanmaras in Turkey. It’s also known as Dondurma. Two qualities distinguish Dondurma; texture and resistance to melting.”

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Area Req

150 to 250 sq ft

Investment Range

13 to 15 Lacs

Franchise Outlets



This ice cream is unlike anything you have experienced. The traditional serving is plain ice cream with a sprinkling of powdered pistachio, served with a knife and fork, for it is not easily scooped with a spoon. While it may sound unappetising to eat such a hard, frozen mass it is in fact very smooth and melts like butter as soon as it hits the warmth of the tongue. No need to greedily gulp down a cone of ice cream to prevent a sticky mess of melted syrup down your arm – Maras ice cream sits patiently in its cone, allowing you to leisurely savour each creamy bite. 

Franchise Details:

Master Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Fee: 20 Lacs

Total Investment: 50 Lacs

Single Unit Franchisee

Area required: 150 to 250 sq ft

Franchise fee: 5 Lacs

Total Investment: 13 Lacs

Opportunities Available:

Twisting Scoops franchise opportunities are available in Pan India.


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