• The Shake Maker

The Shake Maker


The Shake Maker have a wide range and unique shake products from TSM is what makes its customers fall in love with it. Products are soul of any brand and that’s why it’s crucial to know them.

  • Area Req 250 - 350 sq ft
  • Investment Range 16 to 17 Lacs
  • Franchise Outlets 12+


The Shake Maker in 2014, after research and development in beverages industry for one and half year with concept to deliver real milk based thick shakes to the friends and family and now this family is extended across cities. Finding right recipe and the flavors was the main aim behind the shake delivery to friends and so they did. Having more than 140 different shakes, they are always in search of new version of Thick Shake to fulfill the demand of new version of thick shake to fulfill the demand of new shakes.

The small team of young enthusiasts are trying to spread smile through these shakes since 2014 across cities. They speak only one language and that is “Be Shake-O-Holic”.

Why TSM?

  • Real products.
  • Only player providing real milk based thick shake.
  • High shelf life allows for global scale.
  • QSR Model
  • No trained staff required to operate the store.
  • Only two people can run the store.

Our Polygonal USP’s !!

1. No to Ice-creams Mingling.
2. No to Ice Fuse.
3. Medley of More Than 150 Varieties!
4. Unique Home-grown Raw Material
5. Endemic Machinery Equipment
6. No Waste Ingredient

Franchise Details:

Area required: 250 to 350 sq ft

Franchise fee: 5 Lacs

Total Investment: 16 to 17 Lacs

Opportunities available:

The Shake Maker franchise opportunities are available throughout Pan India.


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