Chaat Puchka


We at Chaat Puchka never comprise with quality, our mission clearly defines that we are in the industry to create values and to develop standard procedure.

Area Req

150 to 500 sq ft

Investment Range

5 to 10 Lacs

Franchise Outlets



Rapidly changing business environment has led the foundation of various modern-day foodservice concepts. Chaat Puchka is incorporated with an objective to deliver high quality services to customers, in addition we are newly developed street food franchise brand based in Indore. Hence we are in the industry only to serve customers and to cater their demands consistently.

Chaat Puchka, the name itself is different, we made fresh & new street food products everyday to make our customers happy. We are offering street food franchise in Pan India location & our motto is to make everyone smile through delicious experiences.

Over the past few years, food franchise segment has shown unprecedented growth and is getting competitive year-by-year. Indian marketplace is dominated by number of small, medium and large scale brands and each of these choosing franchise routes to expand business in different geographic location. Chaat Puchka’s concept is awesome; it has designed customized business models which can be replicated in tier 1, 2, and 3 cities without any problem. Our chaat franchise concept is highly competitive, flexible, low investment, and accountable.

Franchise Details:

Area Required: 150 to 500 sq ft

Total Investment: 5 to 10 Lacs

Opportunities Available:

chaat puchka franchise opportunities available throughout India.


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