Chaat Chatore


This Concept is for you only if you are Passionate about food. Products are hidden in the quality of Herbs, Spices and Masala etc used to prepare the products

Area Req

120 to 250 sq ft

Investment Range

5 to 10 Lacs

Franchise Outlets



We are India’s first Chaat Show Room.

What is the first reaction when any Indian hear the word CHAAT, its WOW the yummiest snack. Just by hearing the word water fills up in our mouth. But often we have seen these street side snacks or chaat being severed in a unhygienic manner. The chaat chatore concept is to make these delicious range of chaats completely hygienic but maintaining its original mouth watering taste. The Indian chaats like Golgappa, Gaathiya chaat, Bhel puri, Corn chaat, Katori chaats, etc are accepted for there taste all over India and now it is becoming famous all over the world. We at CHAAT CHATORE want to spread legacy of street food to reach the world in a hygienic and organized manner.

• A commercial property owned, rented or leased at a prime location ad measuring minimum 120 sqft along with the basic amenities like power, water connection etc. High foot fall areas like Bus Stands, Railway Stations, Malls, Market place or places near School or College or any other crowded residential area should be preferred.
• Ability to invest 4 to 6 lacs of Rupees depending up on the area with arrangement of 2-3 working staff.

The taste of these chaat products are hidden in the quality of Herbs, Spices and Masala etc used to prepare the products. The CHAAT CHATORE team has worked intensely in developing these products. Thus developing a wide range of snacks. Including various Spicy Tangy water of GOLGAPPAS or some call it as Puchkas, Batasha, Gapagap, Gupchups, etc. a wide range of Bhel Puries loved all over the country. The verity of Tikkis served as snacks and also with Pav and then there are a huge verity of chaats some traditional and some innovative.

Franchise Details:

Area required: 120 to 250 sq ft

Franchise Fee: 3 Lacs

Total Investment: 5 to 10 Lacs

Opportunities Available: 

Chaat Chatore franchise opportunities available in Pan India.


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