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Noxon Nutrition


Noxon Nutrition Company is in to nutrition and supplements business since 2018.



A franchise is the right to market or sell NOXON products in a market. A franchise agreement is a legal contract between the franchisor (NOXON), and franchisee (Partner). The franchisee purchases the right to market and sell NOXON products [under the trademarked name of the franchisor] in a NOXON branded location. A franchise agreement is a legally binding contract between NOXON and the franchisee that details the rights, responsibilities, obligations and compensation of both parties in relation to the purchase and operation of the franchise.

Awareness about health is very good in India which reflects number of gyms and fitness centres in our locality. This industry now in unorganised way is dealing with 10000 crore annually and expanding to grow 30000 in 2022. We are looking for business partners who have interest in this business with a investment capacity of 20 lakhs.


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