Monginis is a Bakery & Confectionery Brand in India, which is a pioneer in the cake and bakes industry. The cakes and bakery culture in India.


Monginis is a Bakery & Confectionary Brand in India, which is a pioneer in the cake and bakes industry. The cakes and bakery culture in India, which was partially introduced by the British was taken up by Monginis. Today Monginis leads the bakery sector having a group turnover of 800 crores. The success of this affluent brand is contributed by its 750 exclusive cake shop outlets and over a 1000 distributors covering more than 23 states in India. The outlets of monginis are not only located in India, but it has stepped towards international expansions. The popularity, taste and brand image of Monginis has acquired a huge customer base all over the nation.

Our Cake Shops are conveniently located in local markets and communities to ensure the easy availability of your favorite Monginis cakes, cupcakes, and more. Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or just an evening at home, Monginis has the perfect custom-made, personalized cake for you or your choice from our off-the-shelf customer favorites! Great quality, service, and ethics has developed Monginis into a household name with our 700+ outlets. On an average 1,40,000 customers visit our cake shop daily across the country. Our Cake Shops owners are dedicated to the absolute satisfaction of the customer. Additionally, our long shelf life packaged cakes products are available across 10,00,000 outlets nationally with a sizable presence in Mall, Super markets and on Railway stations.

Franchise Details:

Area required: 250 to 300 sq ft

Franchise Fee: 3 Lacs

Total Investment: 15 to 20 Lacs

Opportunities Available:

Monginis Franchise opportunities available throughout India.


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