Mechatron Robotics


Mechatron RoboticsTM is an educational division that has been providing STEM-based Courses especially ROBOTICS.


Mechatron RoboticsTM is an educational division of Neurapses Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and has been providing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) based Courses especially ROBOTICS to school & college students in India since 2013. We have trained more than 10,000 students across India through various training and workshops. Our training programs are designed to gain practical knowledge required as per industry standards which helps the students in establishing a suitable career right from the start.

Why Mechatron Robotics

  • High demand for good robotics training centers for kids, school students and college students
  • Huge Market opportunity with millions of students every year interested to learn this technology. (Currently, less than 1% of  total demand is being addressed)
  • Initiatives by Govt. of India under NITI Aayog to promote Robotics / STEM Subjects in Schools with ATAL TINKERING LABS  with a vision to ‘Cultivate 1 Million children in India as Neoteric1 Innovators’.
  • Very Less Competition, Open Market
  • Highly Profitable business with least investment.
  • Education Industry is one of the most fastest growing industry in India not affected by political & economic conditions.



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