Khichdi etc.


Each of the Khichids presented here has its own charm and unique flavour! Khichdi, a captivating traditional Indian food full of nourishment



Our philosophy is, “How we can create a food paradise for you?” Our journey to seek the satisfying answer lies in materializing a place of perfect food dedicated to Khichdi, a captivating traditional Indian food full of nourishment.

In our endeavour to host impressive and comprehensive styles of Khichdi under one roof, we have devoted all our culinary efforts to enliven our guests with an exclusive and vast array of Khichdi. Khichdi is definitely the soul of KHICHDI etc.

Khichdi witnessed a new milestone on 4 Nov 2017 in the World India Food event, where over 800 kg of traditional Indian Khichdi made with rice, pulses, cereals, and spices was promoted as Brand India Food, rightly capturing the distinctive feature of unity in diversity of Indian culture. This was a unique feature that was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. The cooked khichdi was distributed to nearly 60,000 orphan children and to the Heads of Foreign Missions in India.

Each of the Khichids presented here has its own charm and unique flavor! Be it an Akshardham Inspired Khichdi or Thai Khichdi, Baked Khichdi or Palak & Corn Khichdi, all of them evoke a powerful experience of its own. Sometimes, it may even transport you into your nostalgia!

Franchise Details:

Area required: 600 to 800 sq ft

Franchise Fee: 7,00,000 Lacs

Total Investment: 35 to 40 Lacs

Opportunities Available:

Khichdi Etc. franchise opportunities are available in Pan India.


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