Fruitzone & Wafflespot


We offer a live concept, where any item is made live, in front of the customers injust 7 minutes as well no sugar or any other syrup.


1. UNIQUE LIVE CONCEPT: We are the only Pan India Franchise offering a live concept, where any item are made live, in front of the customers injust 7 minutes as well no sugar or any other syrup.  While other shops tend to sell with syrup or flover that are unhygienic, we pride ourselves on selling a fresh item.  Who doesn’t prefer a fresh item?  Once we create awareness in our market about our fresh (and this should be the aim of our Franchisee too), we outshine other brands, no matter how old or popular.

2. RANGE OF PRODUCTS: We have on our menu a huge array of fruit shots, juices, shakes, smoothies, exotic juices, exotic fruit dishes, waffles, desserts among others. We pride ourselves on having the largest variety of products when compared to other brands in the industry.

3. MARKETING & PROMOTION: We do many things to create awareness of your outlet.  Right from a professional launch offering any item you can have from the menu on the opening day, to regular multiple promotions offers for all-important calendar occasions, advertising campaigns, online tie-ups, social media promotion, is done by us for you.

4. VERY HIGH-PROFIT SHARING: We offer a margin unparalleled. While most Franchises offer normally 25-30 % gross margins (which can hardly cover costs), we offer almost 60% gross margin, leading to a net profit margin of 30-35 %.  This is a very high margin, possible only in the food industry.  We believe in the philosophy of mutual respectable profit sharing with our partners. To give you an example, if the daily sale is Rs. 10,000 the NET profit comes to approximately Rs. 1,00,000 per month.

Franchise Details:

Area Required: 300 sq ft

Total Investment: 8 to 9 Lacs

Opportunities Available:

Fruitzone & wafflespot franchise opportunities are available in Pan India.


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