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Drink Your Selfie an National Brand by taking this unique concept to all major cities and towns in India and make DYS the go-to brand for Milkshakes, Mocktails and Innovative.


This is where we come into picture. For the 1st time in Pune, we have introduced this new technology of printing the customer’s Selfie on the top of the drink itself, which is very unique. This technology, launched in London December last year on Cappuccino, is a run-away hit.

Modus Operand: Customer walks into the store, selects a milkshake of his/her choice and takes up a Selfie/Browses through their gazillions of pictures and sends it across to the special machine via WhatsApp and the rest is taken care by the DYS team

Customer happily flaunts this in his/her social media accounts and enjoys his/her drink

  • Drink Your Selfie = Awesome Shakes + Innovative Technology
  • Innovation is the key motto… Products like Real Meetha Paan Shake, Pulse Candy Mocktail, Zero Mocktail, Gulab Jamun shake say it all.. Mug Cakes Innovation is cherry on top
  • Provides Chilled out Café Culture
  • Drink Your Selfie is rolled up under the Legal Entity – “The Innovative Food Products”
  • Drink Your Selfie is an registered Trademark under the name of Sabaresh Kumar Kada, the Founder
  • 3000+ Selfie Shakes served in 100 Days

Under Franchise Model, DYS Provides you with Manpower Training, Recipe Sharing, All Equipment needed for running the show, Monthly New product launches & Marketing Campaigns Support.

Partnering with DYS Brand

  • DYS clubs Awesome Food with Innovative Technology.
  • Most Important, Thorough Training for Selfie Machine for the Selfie Machine
  • 15 Innovative Shakes out of 24 Shakes and 3 Innovative Mocktails out of 6 Mocktails.
  • Innovative Food Menu of 10+ Freshly baked Mug Cakes , Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream etc.
  • Regular Innovation in Shakes & Mocktails. Guaranteed.
  • Repeat customers through the point of Quality Tasty and unique Milkshakes and Mocktails
  • Maximum Advertising through Social Media which is cost-effective
  • 5-6 Minutes of Maximum Serving Time per Selfie Shake, ensuring faster turn-around
  • Procurement Support & Specifications of Raw Materials to be procured
  • Sharing of Recipe of products, however only upon signing upon a strict confidential agreement of non-violation of norms.

Franchise Details:

Area Required: 300 to 500 sq ft

Franchise Fee: 3,00,000 Lacs

Total Investment: 10 to 12 Lacs

Opportunities Available:

Drink Your Selfie franchise opportunity available in Pan India.


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