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We provide various flavors in natural fruity pops, thick shakes, handcrafted chocolate bars, kulfi faloodas &  traditional kulfies too.


We are into ice creams, but that is not the end of it. We provide various flavors in natural fruity pops, thick shakes, handcrafted chocolate bars, kulfi faloodas &  traditional kulfies too. We have rich mawa malai rabdi with a kulfies and so on. Hence we are not confined to a particular season or taste. At desserts n’ shakes innovations are always on, so no one can say, oh! The same old boring products. Though the retail chain brand has been launched on year 2016, we are backed by an experience & research of about a decade. We were earlier into wholesales.

For generations, we continued the unique & remarkable journey. To continue the legacy of 32 years, it leads to the creation of Shree Hari Ice Cream in 2006. After the great success we achieved in wholesale business as well as in party & catering orders in Gujarat & other states year on year, we realised that that was not the end of it. We started some unique experiments in preparing ice creams from natural ingredients like fresh fruits, pure chocolates, real saffron, spices & more. After a lot of experimentation and research, finally, a brand called “Desserts N’ Shakes” emerged with a whole new premium brand in retailing in 2016. As we are one of the popular brands in natural & chocolate ice cream segment and by adding outlets day by day, we are becoming one of the most popular Ice Cream & Thick shake brands.


Since our products are wide in variety and inspired by nature, it is impossible for the other brands to compete with us in this competitive world. So what is so unique about our brand that people keep coming back for more every time? We at Desserts N’ Shakes deeply follow tradition and use traditional methods like “Kothi Sancha” to make ice creams. We always try to serve our customers with something new & innovative in ice cream flavors. We’ve also developed some unique products such as Fruistick made with 100% natural & fresh fruits, premium sticks made with pure chocolates, thick shakes in various flavors with creative toppings, kulfi, faloodas & many more. All the ingredients we use are almost completely premium and are sourced nationally as well as internationally.


We manufacture our products to serve you fresh. Hence the product that customers eat are fresh. And as we also know that the customers who are health conscious are also particular about the environment we make our products in, which is why our outlets are maintained well and with a state of the art design. It is also hygienically maintained to cater to our customers’ needs.

“There is something for everyone” is a motto we stand by for Desserts N’ Shakes outlets.

Franchise Details:

Area Required: 400 to 500 sqft

Franchise Fee: 5 Lacs

Total Investment: 26 to 27 Lacs

Opportunities Available:

Desserts n’ shakes franchise opportunities available throughout India.


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