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Best For… Life Philosophy. “Best for” is a Pioneer European Company with headquarters based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Company is specialized in the creation and retail of useful innovative products.


The current global financial deceleration has created new scenery in the retail. The global prevailing model, live today, relates to either expensive branded products or cheap copycats of low quality.

In between these “edges” we have found a gap and have developed a new approach, our Philosophy which combines the quality and smart design with affordable price.

Retail Businesses which satisfy this Philosophy display great increase in their turnovers at a worldwide level. At the same time, they can and do reach higher profits, resulting in fast depreciation of their initial investment.

The idea of “Best for…” is based on this new trend, which focuses exclusively on retail sales of innovative products with high design quality and low cost. Adopting such strategy, more than 8000 products that cover most of customer needs, become affordable for everyone irrespective of their age, sex, or income.

“Best for…” is our Life Philosophy which we have turned into a successful retail business.

Invest in a “BEST FOR…” shop.

Invest in a trademark with huge prospects that funds profitability.

Today we welcome motivated and visionary people to share our dream for a new era in a market full of prospects.

Franchise Details:

Area Required: 1000 to 1500 sq ft

Franchise fee: 6 Lacs

Total Investment: 90 Lacs to 1 CR

Opportunities Available:

Best For franchise opportunities are available in Pan India.


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