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Apun ka Chicken Adda


Chicken Adda focus on serving the growing demand for value added quality chicken products through our chain of stores across the country . We offer an interactive in-store experience to customers and commit operational & product.



Chicken Adda is best described as indescribable . Sometimes its a family restaurant, other times its a place to hang out. Its a place for lunch and a place for dinner. Sometimes its a place in between meals. its a place to go when you want a snack. Its a place to go when you want to get stuffed. Its an excuse to get out of the house.Its an excuse not to go back home. its different things,to different people, at different times.

But it’s what everybody wants.Come, enjoy the Chicken Adda experience.

Why Chicken Adda

  • Tasty and Innovative menu
  • Comprehensive operations system
  • Continuous training support
  • Regularly updated menu
  • Continuous R&D by our food technologists
  • Purchase support through our vendor network
  • Advertising and promotion support
  • Online accounting system
  • Technical support by our engineers
  • Site selection assistance by our location survey team
  • Attractive Mascot
  • Best quality equipment with proven performance assistance until and after grand opening
  • Continuous updates and ongoing support
  • Effective account control system
  • Time & Cost Effective

Franchise Details:

Area Required: 250 to 300 sq ft

Franchise Fee: 3 Lacs

Total Investment: 9 to 10 Lacs

Opportunities Available:

Chicken Adda Franchise Opportunities are available in Pan India.


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