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Taiga Knitwear Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in the design of trendy children’s clothes. Taiga has been noted for its unique and cutting-edge style in the world of clothing since its establishment in 1999. Mrs. Parveen Chawla, the company’s founder, has more than 30 years of expertise in the industry and has consistently led the brand to new heights.

Taiga has always focused on the product, which is why the company has had many breakthroughs in recent years and continues to expand into new areas throughout the world. Taiga’s distinct and unconventional style is owed to the brand’s fashionable, rudimentary, and raw qualities.

Taiga Knitwear: Why Taiga Knitwear?

Franchise for online services.

We offer high-quality retail items.

Best deals, one-of-a-kind services

Why should you consider Taiga Knitwear as a franchise opportunity?

Brand advertising that is strong.

Franchise education programmes are available.

Operational success continues.

The franchise is available all across the country.

Low initial investment yields high returns.

Facts about the franchise:

Less than 250 sq. ft. of space is required.


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