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Sheetal Cool Products

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150-250 sqft


3.55 Lacs

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Started as ‘Sheetal Pan & Drinks In 1987, the journey of the Late Shri Jagdishbhai D. Bhuva who geared up his entrepreneurial Mindset to become a leading brand owner in the small town of Amreli, Gujarat. Surfing through years of renowned Voyage from a small business into an Industrial Unit, after years of hard work and perseverance, later turned into Sheetal cool Products Pvt. Lmt. Offering various types of savoury products is a Long Journey of business transformation. The current Leaders under which Sheetal cool products stands are three strong figures i.e., Mr Dinesh Bhuva, Mr Bhupat D. Bhuva and Mr Sanjay D. Bhuva.

We are a Family of 35000+ Retailers representing our brand in India and the International market offering various products in 160+ cities of India. Evolved with time, Sheetal cool products have become a multi-distribution network. The support and faith of our customers have led SHEETAL to Fly High. The excellent work of our determined team and the support of our loyal customers have made us one of India’s Fastest growing companies In the FMCG sector specializing in various products made purely out of sheer generosity.

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