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FasTracKids International was formed in January 1998 to obtain the intellectual property rights to the programme. It then started working on FasTracKids, its trademark early education initiative. FasTracKids created an interactive multimedia platform that thoroughly engages youngsters. FasTracKids uses a multimodal approach to education by introducing children to 12 subject areas. This includes auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learning. FasTracKids instructors use this method to focus on assisting each child’s learning process. The programme delivers a consistent and high-quality delivery, as well as a teaching style that involves a child’s entire sensory system. In the early schooling market, it is still a unique differentiation. FasTracKids started out as a worldwide firm, with franchisees in five different countries. The first seminars were held in English and Spanish in Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, the United States, and Venezuela in October of 1998.

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