About the Authors:

Canary’s future lies in being India’s fastest-growing fashion retailer. With the strength of our own central production unit to meet the fundamental requirements for all our franchisees and shelf life of three months per product, we are prepared to expand across India, creating a mark in all major cities. We will be pleased to answer any franchisee questions you may have. The products have been developed to suit and cater to all fashion savvy and pockets; the beauty is in the ease of operations and standardisation of all our products, which combine to not only provide a high-quality product to our customers, but also an ambiance and convenience that no other Fashion store chain in the array of the Indian market has done so far.

Why Should You Choose Canary London?

Franchise for online services.
Canary London specialises in high-end retail.
Low initial investment yields high returns.
Best deals, one-of-a-kind services
Why should you consider Canary London as a franchise opportunity?

Brand advertising that is strong.
Franchise education programmes are available.
Operational success continues.
The franchise is available all across the country.
Low initial investment yields high returns.
Facts about the franchise:

750-1000 sq. ft. of space is necessary.

Investment range: tens of thousands of dollars to fifteens of thousands of dollars


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