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Bhullar’s Food Company

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12-15 lacs

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About Bhullar’s Food Company

The bhullars have been a family of culinary experts for generations. The cooking expertise of our great grandma & our grandmother were legendary. Our family has carefully preserved, replicated & refined their recipes & that is what we have incorporated in the bhullar food company. We have created multiple brands with the sole aim to bring the delicious food from the bhullar homes to your tables.
Bhullar food company’s flagship brand is “bhullars butterchicken co.” the story of bhullar’s butter chicken originated in our ancestral home in pre partition lahore. Post partition our family moved to nainital and this dish further evolved. It finally settled in our pahadan grandmother’s kitchen in chandigarh. The bhullars don’t claim their butter chicken to be authentic or the best, but we assure you, once you taste it, you will keep coming back for more.
Extensive travel around india’s north east & nepal brought in the chinese influence to our tables & has been a favourite in the bhullar household. From here emerged our indo chinese brand “spice dragon.”
Our brand, 21 gates kitchen, has hand picked dishes from across india. We foraged into the core of the bhullar recipes to craft a menu that is sure to get your taste buds tingling by carefully merging with the palatte that the famed gated city of ahmedabad is renowned for.

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