9 Roads is an online aggregator of all stakeholders in India’s real estate market. Our one-of-a-kind business model makes it stand out from the crowd.

9 Roads is another real estate aggregator for the modern era. In its most basic form, an aggregator brings together all real estate companies, developers, builders, architects, interior designers, and consultants on a single platform.

Our warranty is as follows:

If you come to us with a specific need or a clear psyche, we will assist you with comprehending your fantasy with the highest level of verifiable skill. We guarantee that we will use the most advanced ways to verify the legality of each property listed on our website before endorsing it. This ensures that you are certain about your purchase. However, we recommend that you employ your Legal Professionals administration to obtain a verified affirmation of the property’s legality.

Buyers’ Guide:

Our incredibly skilled and moral Consultants post the majority of the properties on our site. The essential legality check will now be nearly taken into account.

You can find many options coordinating your requirements from our large number of advisors posting various properties, making it extremely quick and cost-effective to meet your purchasing needs.

Value assure… with our qualified Property Valuers who pledge to provide you with an inexact estimate of current property valuations in your chosen area and type of property. This offers you an idea of the true value you’ll contribute and gives you a leg up on the competition when it comes to finalising the cost.


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