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Brown Burger Co. Story

Gujarat bakery takes on global QSR giants with healthy menu

When a Gujarat-based bakery decided to take on international fast-food chains, it armed itself with a secret weapon-- home-made fresh and healthy breads. The move turned out to be a game-changer as it toppled an age-old concept that burger and health don't go hand in hand.

This was the beginning of Brown Burger Co’s journey where Kunal Patel, an entrepreneur, turned a two-friends-owned local eatery in Anand into a QSR chain. The thought of a healthy QSR chain had lingered in the minds of the enterprising brothers Amit and Rajan Vadher. And Patel brought the much-needed wind under their wings to take this project to places.



The first outlet opened in Anand in 2015 and soon became popular owing to its health promise. Today, Brown Burger Co is known to serve the healthiest multigrain burgers in the town.

A solid expansion plan was charted out with business consultant Franchise Insider and soon a franchising model was developed. The first franchised outlet opened in Vadodara in 2018-- within three years of the first company outlet launch in Anand.



The idea of Brown Burger Co. was to serve the healthiest burgers and snacks to food lovers. In a short span of 18 months after the launch of its first franchise outlet, Franchise Insider helped them open multiple outlets in Bharuch, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Gandhinagar, and Vadodara.

It would not be wrong to say that today, Brown Burger Co is the healthiest operational QSR chain in Gujarat, with dreams of taking the brand and proposition to the national and international level.

The competition is with international household names like MCDonalds and Burger King. But BBC has its own Unique Selling Proposition(USP)

  • Made in India, For Indian Palate: Unlike global burger joints that serve standard and bland burger options, Brown Burger Co. offers succulent varieties that have been perfected for the Indian taste buds.
  • 100% Healthy: Brown Burger Co. makes use of freshly-baked, multigrain bread that is healthier and easier to digest, making its burgers much more appealing to the masses.
  • Full-service QSR Outlet: Brown Burger Co. has a massive range of offerings including multigrain burgers, healthy smoothies and shakes, and snacks to name a few, which makes it a wholesome food joint.A software professional, Patel's main role at Brown Burger Co is expanding the brand and franchise network by generating leads, building teams by leveraging DMM marketing and other promising promotion channels.In coming years, the BBC team aims to transform into a truly Indian QSR brand that offers 100% ‘desi’ taste across the country and propagates Indian culture to connoisseurs, to disrupt the conventional fast-food QSR segment in India and make Indians believe that tasteful pleasures can be healthy too.To remain true to their motto of serving healthy food is what drives the BBC team. A disciple of Param Pujya Dadashri, Patel firmly believes, “Religion must exist in business, but business must never exist in religion.”

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