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Franchise Story

Do you own a successful franchise? We want to hear your story

If you are a franchise owner, seller or even just work at a franchise and you have a story to tell, Franchise Insider wants to share it with our readers. We will be happy to link to your social media profiles and website and publicize any successful franchise.
Story marketing is one of the most powerful tools to use as far as marketing online is concerned. if someone is thinking of buying a franchise, reading stories by other franchisees is more compelling than an ad.
If you own a franchise, you have insights that might not appear in ads. If you are offering a franchise opportunity, then the story about how you got started, things you had to overcome and what sets your franchise apart is more interesting than an ad.
Even if you just work for a franchise, your experience is useful to anyone thinking of buying a franchise. So, your stories and comments are welcome here.
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